RCEF Mothers Improve Their Businesses with Rotary Micro-Loans

Rwanda Children Educational Foundation staff continues to visit and encourage the parents who have taken loans from the Rotary Global Grant. These two ladies pictured above, took out their loans in January. They each operate a food market. With this loan they have improved their stores, added more product and their profit is increasing.

This year has been a difficult time for the RCEF parents. They have experienced many floods from December through May, and the Covid-19 pandemic has hurt the Rwanda economy. A number of our loan recipients are in need of additional help.

Please notice the picture of the lady with the two goats. She also took out a loan to start raising goats. When the Covid-19 stay-at-home order was enforced, her two goats disappeared. People were hungry. When an RCEF sponsor heard this story, he said, “let’s buy her two new goats”. Within a week, $100 was raised, and the process of replacing her goats has started. This action will enable her to start again and pay back her loan.

RCEF donors sponsor 121 students by paying their school fees, school uniforms, school supplies and health insurance. Their parents become eligible to receive a micro-finance loan from the Rotary Global Grant.

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