Micro-Financing Progresses During Covide-19

During this past year, Rwanda Children Educational Foundation has given 62 Micro Loans through a Rotary Grant.

The RCEF Staff in Kigali monitors our parents to see how they are doing during the Coronavirus restrictions. They were pleased to learn that our mothers are making progress during these difficult times.

Kenia’s mother was making and selling fritters (bread) for one school, but now schools are closed because of the Coronavirus. She knew that she had to change her product and is now selling charcoal. The poorer people use charcoal in their outdoor kitchens to cook and boil their water. School will re-open in September, and we will see what product she will sell then. The picture above is of her selling bread, now selling charcoal. The bundles of charcoal are wrapped in corn stalks.

Jean de Dieu and Jean Claude’s mother sells clothing in the Kinyinya Market. She works very hard and has never missed a payment on her loan. She is very thankful to RCEF for this loan as it enabled her to not sell on the streets but move to the marketplace where she can sell more clothes.

Ngabo Elysee’s mother is a widow and has 10 children. Her husband died from cancer three years ago. Before receiving a micro-loan, she sold fruit on the streets. Now she has her own store in the Central Market and sells flour and is able to support her 10 children. Sadly, the government has told her she must leave her home as it is in the flood zone. She has no place to go to live.

Frank’s mother cooks and sells her food at a construction site to pay back her micro-loan. This woman is a smart lady and goes where the customers are to set up her restaurant.

RCEF is very proud of these parents who are enterprising and making adjustments even though Covide-19 has negatively affected the Rwanda economy.

Together we are making a difference!

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