Rwanda Children Education Foundation Update:

We’ve already added 20 more students in 2020.

These students receive an education, their families receive supplemental food and 20 more parents now are eligible to receive micro-finance loans.

MICRO-FINANCE LOANS: Last April, RCEF started administering loans from the Rotary Global Grant to our parents. To date over 60 loans have been given to help these families start micro-businesses.
Rwanda’s rainy season brought record-setting floods in December, 2019, and again in February, 2020. Kigali was especially hard hit. RCEF families live in flood plains. Many had their homes damaged. The Government has instructed these families to move for their own safety. The demolishing of their home has begun.

A flood aid fund was established by RCEF. We have distributed food to those who were affected. We have helped one grandmother rent a home for a year and helped other families with relief funds for rent. With your help, we are able to assist where needed.

Coronavirus has now hit Rwanda. The Government has asked churches and schools to close for a time. RCEF students started school in January. Now school will take a break. They will hopefully return to school soon to finish their year which ends in November.

Food costs have spiked, and our families are without work. These families have contacted the RCEF Office for help. We have made emergency purchases of corn flour, oil, rice, and soap to distribute to all 121 families.


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