RCEF Helps 17 Families Recover from Flood

The Rwanda Children Educational Foundation staff in Kigali, Rwanda, have been very busy this past week helping the RCEF families affected by the February 6th flood.

The staff first visited each of the 17 families to assess the damage and determine their needs.

All seventeen homes were damaged to different degrees, three homes significantly. Cedrick’s grandmother’s home was the worse.

The Government has asked all the families to move out of the area for their safety. This is low land in a flood zone. The problem is that they have no place to go. In the near future they will be required to move.

Cedrick’s Grandmother gets a home

Our staff found a rental property for Cedrick’s grandmother and her grandchildren. See the picture above with her standing by the door. This is the first time she has electricity and water in her home. No wonder she has a big smile on her face!

Thank you to Kingdom Facilitators of NYC who have agreed to pay her first year’s rent.  Four friends of RCEF have pledged money to pay her second year’s rent – a big thank you to them as well.

Food Distribution

RCEF has distributed emergency food to each of these families which included: flour, beans, rice and cooking oil. The ladies are very happy and thankful.

Aid to restart a business

One lady lost her entire business which included vegetables and eggs along with the building itself. Sadly, she had just received her second micro-loan from RCEF. Understandably she was quite upset. (Above picture is her store and product before the flood.)

With your generosity, RCEF will give her a gift to rent a new storefront and purchase a new supply of food to sell. This gift will enable her to continue earning money to pay off her loan. Her home was also damaged by the rushing waters, but is still livable. She had a successful business. While it is disappointing that this has happened, she is now able to start over.

Thank you for supporting this Flood Relief!

If you would like to donate to this Fund, please click the donate button on the top of this page or mail a check to RCEF, 1386 Meredith Center Road, Laconia, NH 03246.

Together we are making a difference!

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