Floods in Kigali Destroy 17 RCEF Families Homes

Rwanda Children Educational Foundation Kigali office has sent an SOS message to our friends in the USA. The homes of seventeen of our students have been damaged or destroyed forcing families to sleep outside in the rain. Check “flooding in Kigali, Rwanda” on YouTube to see videos.

Our RCEF Kigali staff responded to the flooded area to find our RCEF families and check on there well-being. Our goal is to provide assistance to these families by providing shelter, food and aid as needed.

Photos above show the broad view of the damaged area, Cedrick’s grandmother home along with a successful business built with micro-loans from RCEF were both destroyed.

Will you help? These people have suffered greatly and are very discouraged.

Click the donate button at the top of this page or mail a check to RCEF, 1386 Meredith Center Road, Laconia, NH 03246.

Here is the Kigali Staff Report:


In 2019 and 2020 Rwanda has experienced historically heavy rains. This has destroyed homes and created erosion throughout the country. In the Nyarutarama District of Kigali the damage has been greatest due to an abundance of wetlands. The government has started to demolish homes there to protect people against heavy flooding. We have 17 families living in Nyarutarama, and they are among the people facing this current tragedy.

Among the RCEF families living in this area, we have two categories :

   Families living in their own houses:

RCEF has 4 families in Nyarutarama living in their houses. One has already lost her small house (Ingabire Centhia’s Mother) and three are waiting to leave the area according to the government policy. The local administration has given a notice to those having houses in this affected area to look for other secure places in which to live. We are asking you to help these families. The family of Byukusenge Jehovanisse has also received a final notice to leave.

•    Families living in rented houses

RCEF has another group of families who are living in rented houses. Some are still in that zone waiting for the demolition so that they can leave. Some of these homes have been destroyed by the flooding. Among those are (Gitangaza Joselyne and Mugisha Bill Clinton).
Emergency case of Cedric’s family

During the night of 6th February, 2020, the house of Irasubiza Cedric collapsed at 2:00 am because of the heavy rain. This was an old house built with wooden poles. We visited the family, and met Cedric’s Grandmother. She was very worried and discouraged by the situation. This woman is a genocide survivor and a widow living with her grandchildren following the death of her daughter. She is now in a very difficult living situation. She was born in that area in 1964. Her family of 5 children includes one having a physical disability. She is the only responsible person caring for the family by selling vegetable. This is a very vulnerable family.

She is in a bad situation, and it is impossible for the government to give any support because of the untold number of homes demolished by the flooding.

We call upon people of humanitarian hearts to help these vulnerable people. Emergency assistance for rent payments or getting shelter for them would be a very great blessing.

God bless you all.

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