RCEF Mothers Receive Loans to Start Businesses

Rwanda Children Education Foundation mothers receive loans to start businesses.

This past week the parents of our RCEF students received the first wave of loans (28 loans) through the Rotary Global Grant.

Our parents have gone through several financial training sessions before receiving these loans.  They will now start new businesses or expand existing businesses.  The Mt. Joli Kigali Rotary will oversee this grant process, and the RCEF staff will work directly with the loan recipients.

We want to thank the Lakes Region Rotary Clubs of NH for their donation to this Global Grant.  With these Rotary Grant loans, families trapped in extreme poverty will have the opportunity to provide for their families.

RCEF strives to equip Rwandan children with education and skills to sustain themselves and serve as role models for the transformation of their communities. With these micro-finance loans we can accomplish the same goal for the parents of these children and thereby improve the lives of the entire family.

Working together we are making a difference!


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