Kelia’s Family Lost a Son/Brother

Rwanda Children Education Foundation helps.

This past April, in between rain storms, Kelia’s 6 year old brother went to the river to get drinking water for the family, but the raging river swept him away.

This is so sad for Kelia (pictured above), her single mother and everyone who knows them.

RCEF gave her mother money to feed all the people who came to the funeral and comfort the family. The family lacked resources, so the Rwandan Government paid for the funeral.

Kelia’s mother earns money by purchasing corn, roasting each cob over charcoal, then selling the cooked corn to people on the streets. She is eligible to receive a loan from the Rotary Global Micro Credit Grant and expand her business or start a new business.  This loan will help get Kelia’s family out of poverty.

Kelia is sponsored by a woman here in New Hamshire. Kelia receives her education, school uniform and supplies, health insurance, and supplemental food for her family through this sponsorship. Her sponsor is making a difference in Kelia’s life. 

You can sponsor a child in primary school for $27.08 per month or $325 per year.  

Together we can make a difference!

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