RCEF Sewing School Class Near Completion

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The first term of RCEF Sewing School is almost completed.

Rwanda Children Education Foundation (RCEF) has been conducting a sewing school since February.  Ten mothers of our sponsored children have received sewing instruction. This first session will be completed in July.

The mothers have learned to make children’s dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts.  They now are learning how to make adult clothing: women’s long dresses and men’s pants.  We’re pretty certain that blouses and shirts will be next.

The children’s clothes were all made of the same cloth as they were making uniforms for a primary school. Already a school has agreed to allow the sale of uniforms to their parents.

We are grateful that our mothers are learning a trade that will enable them to start their own business and provide for their families.

When these mothers receive their certificate of completion for the sewing course, they will be eligible to take out a loan from the SACCO Bank provided through the Rotary Global Grant.

Attending a six-month course has not been easy for these mothers.  Some come from long distances to participate. RCEF helps these mothers by paying for their bus ride.  The mothers spend 5 hours in class, and that is 5 hours they cannot earn money to purchase food for their children.  While not easy, one mother brings her baby to class.  Hats off to these women, we are so proud of them!

RCEF plans to start a second course for ten new mothers in August.

We have raised more than half the money to run the next six-month course.  If you would like to help ten more ladies provide for their families, please click the donate button on this webpage.

Together we can make a difference!

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