RCEF Wishes Our Mothers a Happy Mothers Day

Rwanda Children Education Foundation’s mothers are under a lot of pressure to pay their rent and provide food for their children. It is difficult to have a Happy Day because of these pressures.

RCEF’s goal is to give hope and bright futures to these families.

The first photo is of three mothers who are sharing their business plan with RCEF Executive Director, Jeanine Mukarubega. Once they present a plan, they are eligible to receive a micro-loan.  They plan to combine three different types of flour for sale to the public. We wish them well.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

The second photo is of a mother who had a small business buying and reselling vegetables. She presented her business plan and received a loan to expand her business. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to her!

The third and final photo is of a mother who purchases corn, cooks it and sells individual ears to people for lunch.  With a micro-loan her future will be brighter.

We want to thank the Lakes Region Rotary Clubs of New Hampshire for  initiating this Rotary Global Grant. This grant enables us to make these loans and help these women.

Would you also like to help make a difference?

  • With a gift of $50, you could buy sewing supplies for our mothers.
  • Two gifts of $100 will buy a sewing machine.
  • A gift of $27.08 a month ($325 a year) sponsors a child in school. We have children waiting for sponsors.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution, click the donate button at the bottom of this page.

Together we can make a difference!

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