Stories from the RCEF Trip to Rwanda

The RCEF Team returned from a 12 day trip to Rwanda.  What a wonderful time visiting our students schools and homes.  We want to share some stories with you.

We visited a school right near a very poor section of Kigali.  A Pastor/Principal and her husband started a church and school there to help the very poor families. Her husband runs his own construction business, and his income supports the school.

When we arrived at the school, the Pastor introduced Shiela to us.  RCEF supports Shiela.  The Pastor pointed out that Shiela had no shoes.  She was very upset as we were scheduled to visit her home, but her mother was drunk that morning.  Shiela was afraid that RCEF would stop supporting her because of her mother’s behavior.  We assured her that we would not stop supporting her.  She was her own individual. We did not visit her home.

Shiela came to our RCEF party with a pretty pair of pink tennis shoes on her feet.  She also was blessed with two additional pairs of shoes.

We continued our visit by observing classrooms and students at this school.

One student brought us to her home nearby.  We met her mother, baby sister and saw her one room home.

Continue to check this blog as we have many more stories to share in the coming days.

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