RCEF Speaks to the Gilford Interact Club

Gilford Interact ILeadership Gilford Interact Rotary ClubToday, April  18, RCEF Executive Director, Jeanine Mukarubega and RCEF Board Chair, Alan Graustein, spoke to the Gilford High School Interact Club.  Interact is a high school Rotary Club for students.

One photo above shows the entire Interact Club while the other includes the Interact leadership team, Jeanine Mukarubega and Ericson Garfurafura.

Dr. Graustein shared how RCEF provides for very poor Rwandan children by providing:

  • financial support for the school fees and scholastic materials
  • supplemental food to the children’s families
  • government health insurance
  • and is about to initiate a  micro-finance program to qualified families

Jeanine shared her experiences during the genocide of 1994 including the fact that she survived despite the fact that she was on “the kill list”. 

She encouraged the students to make a difference in the United States and throughout the world by cultivating generous and caring hearts.

RCEF thanks the Gilford Interact Club for hosting us today.  It was a pleasure to speak to this wonderful group of young adults.

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