RCEF Worship Center Presented Shoes to Children

Rwanda Children Educational Foundation gave new shoes to the children just prior to the start of the school year.

The children were coming to church in their bare feet or broken plastic shoes. RCEF decided to bless the children with good shoes.

There is a need for new clothes for these children, and an invited guest at church that day promised to donate a supply of clothes.


The Worship Center is located in a very poor section of the Bugesara District.

The services are well attended by families in the villages nearby. There is standing room only.

Jeanine has made a request for 70 more chairs. We are in need of Bibles as well.

Chairs cost $60 each and Bible are $13.

Our women’s choir is in full swing with orange and green dresses. Rwandan ladies love to worship the Lord.

Please click the donate button to give to Rwanda Children Educational Foundation to help in this purchase chairs and Bibles.

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