Micro-Loans to Raise Chickens

Five Rwanda Children Education Foundation’s mothers took out micro-Loans to start a chicken/egg business.

They combined their loans, hired a construction crew to build a chicken house, then purchased 100 baby chicks. With supervision from a veterinarian who specializes in chickens, they raised the chickens for seventeen weeks before they started to lay eggs.


Five mothers start a chicken and egg business.

Chicken house was built!

These ladies sought out people to purchase the eggs. They have an agreement with a restaurant in Kigali to buy their eggs. In addition. they sell eggs to individual buyers.

Through hard work they are making their business very successful.

RCEF extends our gratitude to the Lakes Region Rotary Clubs of NH and Rotary International for making the Micro-Credit Loan Grant available to our families. We are thrilled to see how well this process is working.

Would you like to help us make a difference in these families’ lives?

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Together we are making a difference!

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