Evode’s Story

Evode Manirahari sent a wonderful letter to RCEF Executive Director, Jeanine Makurabega,expressing his gratitude for the opportunity and support that RCEF Sponsorship has meant to him.

Evode was unable to attend school for a number of years, but in 2017 he was assigned a sponsor from RCEF. The faithful support of this sponsor has made it possible for this young man to complete his high school studies. Evode has made the most of this opportunity by completing his studies in a rigorous school with all A’s.                   

In addition, Evode was selected to represent his school along with three other young men in a National quiz competition that was broadcasted on Rwanda Television. He and his team came in First Place winning laptops and bonds of $400 for each team member.

Evode pictured with RCEF Graduates

Evode expressed sincere appreciation to Jeanine and his sponsor. He is grateful to God for the Ministry of RCEF. Here are his words: “I can’t conclude without saying thank you deeply from my heart. I really value what you did and what you continue to do for my bright future”.

Note: Evode’s father died at age 50 in October of 2019. This has made it even more difficult for his family. On the bright side a new donor has committed to helping Evode with college tuition. We are waiting to hear where he will choose to continue his education.


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