RCEF Distributes More Food

The following note came from the our Kigali Office:

After one month, RCEF has distributed food for the families, It is now the second round.” (March was the first round and April the second)

RCEF beneficiaries are vulnerable families and most of them fed their families by work they carried out day by day. During COVID-19 quarantine, they stay home but RCEF is aware of the situation and why we are giving food again.
This time we do it by transfer money to their mobile phones. A big number of them have bought corn flour which is a the most consumed food in families with low income, but also good for health.”

They have tried to send pictures using vendor’s phone. They are too happy and grateful for the help they receive during this difficult period of life. They have started to call again for assistance. We gave money to 60 families, and we will continue to give money to the remaining 61 families.

Thank you good Samaritans for supporting Rwandans in need of food.

God bless you,

Kigali Office Staff

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