Emelyne Placed #1 out of 48 Students in her 4th Grade Class

During our recent visit to Rwanda, the RCEF team visited Emelyne and her mother.

We congratulated Emelyne for her good work in school and placing #1 in her class. Despite her sparse living conditions, she is prospering as a young lady in her schooling and in life.

Emelyne’s mother has 6 children. The family is very poor. To make things worse, her husband abandoned the family. She gave 4 children to different relatives to raise as she had no way to support them.

RCEF sponsored Emelyne. We put her in school, purchased school supplies, health insurance and gave her family supplemental food.

Emelyne’s mother enrolled in the first RCEF six-month sewing class. She is now eligible to receive a micro-loan from the Rotary Global Grant to purchase her own sewing machine. She is nervous about taking out a loan. Jeanine Mukarubega, our Executive Director, is encouraging her to take that step and purchase her own machine. Right now she rents a sewing machine.

Jeanine personally sponsors Emelyne.  By sponsoring Emelyne, she is changing a life.

Together we are making a difference!

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