Laconia Christian Academy Students Give Generously

Laconia Christian Academy Students have been busy giving.

The students spent time repairing a home of an extremely poor family.  They raised money here in the USA to purchase the supplies and helped do repair work along with Rwandan workers.

Goats were purchased and given to families.  Goats are used for milk, cheese, and meat.  This gift gives each family an opportunity to earn money.

Since the students are visiting during April, which is a time to remember the Genocide against the Tutsi, the students gave two cows to the widows as a sign of respect.

The Tutsi raised cows as a profession before 1994, but the genocide killed a million people and most of the cows.  Some Tutsi families, to this day, do not own a cow.

Thank you Laconia Christian Academy for your generosity!

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