Visiting Celine at School



The RCEF bus traveled down a long, narrow road on the side of a mountian to get to Celine’s school.  Our driver navigated the road very well, and we arrived at the lovely campus of E S Nyange School.

Celine was happy that the RCEF team came to visit.  We talked about her studies and encouraged her to work hard to receive good marks.

We noticed that even though it was Sunday afternoon, she had dressed up in her school uniform to receive us.  Celine is sweet.

The Headmaster shared the following story with us:
During the genocide in 1994, the killers came to E S Nyange School and went into a classroom.  They instructed the students to send out the Tutsie students to be killed.  The students refused.  Sorry to say they were all killed.  In a few days, the killers came back to another classroom, again the students refused to identify who were the Tutsies and who were not. They were killed also.

The sign above with seven names on it, symbolizes the students who lost their lives during the genocide.  They are treated as National Heros.


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