Traveling to Boarding Schools

We took time to visit a number of our secondary students in boarding schools (grades 7 – 12).  Our very skilled bus driver navigated the challenging roads and kept us safe.

During our two-week stay we visited students and staff at five different secondary schools.  Each school was many miles from Kigali City over mountain roads.

We visited Judith and Gracia.  They are being educated at the Nyange Girls School of Sciences.  The buildings were impressive.  Judith and Gracia said they have to study hard.  We encouraged them to continue their good work.  Judith is in the 10th grade and Gracia is in the 7th grade.

We went to Ecike Secondaire Gilhogwe to visit Diane who is in the 7th grade.  Diane is the young lady that the RCEF volunteers found selling fruits for her mother.  She was crying because she could not go to school due to a lack of finances.  A sponsor came to the recue.  Diane loves school and appreciates the opportunity to study and learn.

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