The Different Faces of Rwanda

As we look over the pictures of Rwanda during the last three years, it has occurred to us that our beloved Rwanda has many different faces.

We’d like to share them with you.

First there are the animals in the National Park and throughout the country. The elephants and giraffes are majestic, and the monkeys are so adorable.

Roads in the downtown portion of the city are quite a contrast to poorer sections of the city and outlying areas.

Take a look at the new buildings being built in the City of Kigali, and compare that to the living conditions of our very poor students.

The marketplace presents striking contrasts.

Rwanda is fast-growing and rapidly advancing.

Our prayer is to make a difference wherever and whenever we can. Our method is supporting the poorest children in their quest to get an educationl.

Thank you for your support!

2 comments on “The Different Faces of Rwanda

  1. These are interesting and “telling” pictures, Joan. Thank you for posting them and for the thoughtful wording.


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