Meet Claudine


Claudine is 12 years old and is in the 3rd grade at Remera Academy. She is a happy young lady and does well in her schooling earning 76% on her 2015 report card.

Claudine’s family:

Claudine lives with her father, mother and two siblings in a poor section of Kigali. We are thankful she has both a father and a mother as so many children in this neighborhood do not.

Claudine’s house:

Claudine’s family lives in a small house with many close-by neighbors. Notice in the picture below how little space there is between homes. There is not much space for children to play. Sorry to say there are no parks in this neighborhood.

There is a future for Claudine:

Thanks to four generous individuals, Claudine is able to go to school and learn. She is able to play with other students in the school’s playground. Her horizons have been expanded. Claudine has a bright and hopeful future!

Inside Claudine's home
Claudine’s family
outside of Claudine's home
Pastor Fidele visits Claudine
waving hello
Claudine is on the far right.

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