New School Year, New Office and New Delivery of Food

With the start of the New Year RCEF has plenty of “NEWS”

RCEF moved into our NEW office. The NEW school year started on February 3rd.

Some of our students are attending a NEW school.3. food distribution 2-20161. Feb. 2016 food distributio

Last week the parents of our students came to the RCEF Office to pick up their supplemental food.  Once a month parents receive maise flour and beans.  The mothers know how to stretch these foods to last a long time.

All RCEF students are working hard on their studies. We have set the goal of a passing grade of at least 60% for our students. Most of the boys and girls far exceed this level.

Sponsors, please write to your children, and encourage them to work hard at their studies.  Also, feel free to tell them something about yourself.



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