RCEF is Building Safe and Secure Housing

Rwanda Children Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the start of phase one of a building project in Bugesera District nearby to Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda.

Four weeks ago, we began construction of 12 houses for our families. It is exciting to see the walls going up and the roofs being put in place.

Remember the floods in Kigali during the extreme rainy season from December 2019 through May 2020? Those torrential rainstorms caused 65 of our families to lose their meager housing. Some families are now living in condemned homes.

Through your generosity RCEF provided food and help with renting homes for these poor families.

We knew that something more had to be done.

RCEF was able to purchase 8 acres of land and hired an engineer to design a multi-phase construction plan.

Donations have been received from churches, families and individuals. We have almost all that we need for this first phase. Our plan is to build more housing as funds are available.

A two-bedroom home costs approximately $13,000 and a three-bedroom home is $15,500.

Would you join us in making this dream a reality?

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Together we are making a difference!


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