RCEF Hosts Laconia Christian Academy Students

Rwanda Children Education Foundation will host the Laconia Christian Academy Service Learning Team from May 12 through May 26 in Rwanda.

Nine students and two chaperons will meet Jeanine Mukarubega, Executive Director, and Harrison Gafurafura, Interpreter, in Rwanda where they will experience the culture and get to know the RCEF boys and girls. The LCA students sponsor one student, Ester, and they will visit her.

They will arrive in the country at a time when the people of Rwanda are remembering that 25 years ago the country experienced The Genocide against the Tutsi where a million people were killed.  They will visit museums that honor those who died and bring flowers.

The team will also visit RCEF students, their schools and their homes.

RCEF provides school fees, health insurance, mentoring and micro-finance loans to parents.  All this is provided to the families that are hard hit by poverty.

The students will put their hands to work and rebuild a home of a single mother.

The school has raised money for this construction project as well as to purchase 20 goats to give to these poor families.

Thank you Laconia Christian Academy students who worked very hard to make this visit possible and to bless some very poor people in Rwanda.

Together we are making a difference!

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