Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

As our primary project, Student Sponsorship focuses on enrolling boys and girls into school.

RCEF sponsorship provides the resources for uniforms, necessary supplies, school fees, and health insurance to the most vulnerable children. In addition supplemental food is made available through this project.

Primary students (Grades 1-6) live with their parents and attend schools close to where they live. Sponsorship for a Primary student is $325 per year.

Secondary students (Grades 7-12) attend boarding schools throughout the country.

We have found that these schools provide not only a good education, but also a healthy environment for our students. Sponsorship for a Secondary Student is $325 per trimester or $975 per year.

Our Mission

The Mission of the organization is to give hope and bright futures to vulnerable children and youth in Rwanda.

Other Causes

Health Insurance

Supplemental Food Distribution

Safe and Secure Housing​