Introducing Three Students

Introducing RCEF Students

Nelly is in the 4th grade.  She lives with her mother.  Her father abandoned the family. They could not afford to rent their home anymore and had to leave. Now they live in one room.  Nelly’s mother has no job.  RCEF helps Nelly by placing her in school.  She finished the 2018 school year successfully coming in 14th out of 42 in her grade. Nelly’s sponsor is a family from Illinois.

Shalom is a 5th grade student.  Shalon lives with her Mother and Father in Nyusutemba Village.  Her Dad has temporary jobs and cannot adequately support his family.  RCEF has supported Shalom in school for 3 years.  

Shalom has lost her sponsor.  We keep her enrolled, but we need help with finances to do this.  (sponsorship is $28/month)

Brianne is in Grade 9.  Since she is in secondary she attends a boarding school.  Last year she finished 5th in her class of 34. She comes from a family of five.  She and her siblings live with their mother.  Their father abandoned them.  Mother supports them by selling vegetables and fruit on the street making very little money.  Her sponsor is Kingdom Facilitators, a Christian ministry, in Bronx, NY.

Thank you to all current and future sponsors.

Together we can make the difference!

Would you like to sponsor a child? Click the sponsor page at this website, or click the donate button for PayPal on this webpage. 

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