Elisa Has a Sponsor!


Elisa was waiting for over a year to be sponsored.  He is so happy to now have a family to support his education. The sponsoring family lives in New Hampshire and wanted the opportunity to help a child caught in poverty.

RCEF will now be able to pay for Elisa’s school fees, school supplies, school uniform, government health insurance and supplemental food for his family.

Elisa’s story: His mother experienced the genocide in 1994 and went through that trauma.  She is now a widow and has three children. Her health is not good as she has HIV. The family lives in a very small one room house. Work is scarce, and mother’s energy is low.  Her desire is to see her children get an education so their future will be hopeful.

Elisa is now in Nursery School (Kindergarten). The RCEF staff will watch over Elisa at school and at home.  We are so happy to put Elisa into school at such a young age. 

A big THANK YOU to the sponsoring family.

Together we are making a difference!

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