RCEF Helps Yves’ Family

RCEF will be sharing the proceeds from the motorcycle taxi micro-finance project with six families.  Yves’ family is one of those families, and they desperately need help.  Please read this report sent today from our RCEF Kigali Office.



A family of 3 people: 2 children and their mother.  This widow is HIV positive. She knew that she was contaminated after the death of her husband.

Yves is 11 years old and is also HIV positive. He is trying hard in his studies with 66% school marks. (In Rwanda 50% is passing.) The mother is unhealthy, and she is a street vendor with a capital of 7.000 Frw ($8.00). They live in a poor, little house, 1 room. The jerrycans and dirty pans gather in the place they sleep. One dirty small mattress…all the family sleep together. It is very sad to enter in their home. The poor woman was at home because she is sick, and hungry because they did not cook today. They have some potatoes, but no charcoal.  They have an unimaginable life. When you try to ask her what kind of support she most needs, she replies that the rent of 5.000 Frw ($6) is a big burden for her.

She told us that both she and her son take continuously the drug (anti retrovirus)

She said that only RCEF is her unique friend, none else cares about her.

They have no chairs or beds, they sit on the ground.

Finally, she thanks God and RCEF for the support she is getting. With a happy voice she says  “when you have time to tell the team of those people with a good heart, let them know that I and my family are living because of them”.

(Those people are all of you who lend a helping hand, and we are grateful!)

Together we are making a difference!

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