Meet Rwanda Family #3

Chance and his single mother live in a one-room house on the side of a hill in a very poor section of Kigali.  The best homes are at the top of the hill, and as you go down the hill, the people are poorer and poorer.  Chance and his mother live at the very bottom. Picture in your mind what happens during rainy season!

For work, Chance’s mother goes to construction work sites in the hopes of being able to carry bricks or to do some menial job. Chance’s mother is pictures above on the right with RCEF Executive Direction, Jeanine Mukarubega.

Now, as part of a micro-finance group of six families they have hope for a brighter future.  They will receive $12 per month as their part of the proceeds from the motorcycle taxis.

Note: Chance is receiving healthcare for his eyes.

Stay tuned for Family #4 story.

Together we are making a difference!



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