RCEF Helps Six Families

RCEF has received a gift of two motorcycles from Kingdom Facilitators to benefit six families hard hit by poverty. We would like to share their stories with you.

Family #1 is Sadrick’s family.

Sadrick’s family consists of his Grandmother and his invalid brother. His mother died in the process of giving birth to his brother. Dad is not in the picture. Now Grandmother is raising the two boys. There is no possibility of Grandmother being able to work as she must give all of her time in caring for the two boys.

These two motorcycles are being rented out as taxis. Sadrick’s family will receive 1/6th of the proceeds which is $12 a month. The average family income in Rwanda is $38 a month. Sadrick’s family has gone from earning $0 to $12 per month.

As you can see, Sadrick’s eyes need attention. RCEF has brought him to the doctor and have a prescription for eye drops.

Stay tuned for the story of Family #2.

Together we are making a difference.


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