Health Issues – Report from Doctor

RCEF has received more reports from the Doctor who examined our students.

Chance and Sadrick have a serious eye disease called Limbo-conjunctivitis. The doctor has started them on eye medication which they will need to take until they are 20 years old.  The doctor said they would have gone blind from this disease if not treated. RCEF has taken on this challenge by paying for the treatment. Both boys now need glasses.

The report on Yves Ndutiye is that his HIV has gotten worse, and he suffers from intestinal worms and malnutrition.  The doctor has sent Yves back to the public health center for follow-up.

All three of these students are malnourished. RCEF will continue to give them food as part of their medical aid. We welcome donations to assist in our expanded efforts. Click onto the ‘Donate Button’ above to make a contribution.

Our Director, Jeanine Mukarubega, will be going to Rwanda later this month.  She will be checking on these boys during her visit.

Thank you for your continued support for this Rwanda outreach.

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