Mother Receives a Gift of Training


During our recent trip to Rwanda, we visited this family’s home. The home had a big red X on it which meant the house was to be torn down at some point in the near future. This mother and two daughters rent their home and will soon need to find a new place to live.

Alice, who is a Member of RCEF’s General Assembly, decided to pay for the mother’s training to become a hairdresser.  This mother is thrilled and is thriving in her schooling.

She stopped by the RCEF Office in Kigali to show Alice what she has learned.

We have posted a video on our Home page for you to view.(Click onto the Video prompt under the photo of homes.) It is in Kinyarwanda, but you will understand what is being said.

We thank Alice for her generosity. She has given hope to this family.

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