RCEF is going to Rwanda

Rwanda Children Educational Foundation is hosting a trip to Rwanda.

We plan to leave here May 9 and return May 20th.

The purpose of this visit is to provide an opportunity for interested parties to experience the culture and examine in person the work of RCEF in Rwanda.

It is the hope of the Board that participants will embrace the Vision and Mission of RCEF and upon their return to the USA, become a voice on behalf of our Foundation.

This eleven-day itinerary will include visits to RCEF Headquarters in Kigali, school visits, visits to the homes of sponsored students, and supplemental food distribution activities.

We will visit the Mayor’s Office, Family Services Office and the US Embassy.

Jeanine Mukarubega, RCEF Executive Director, will have us experience some of the history of Rwanda by visiting Genocide Memorial Centers.

Included in this tour will be an opportunity to visit Rwanda’s extraordinary Akagera National Park.

Anyone interested in participating, please email us at

(Approximate cost $2000)Rwanda-in-Africa-map




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