RCEF Students Achieve in Government Exam


Rwanda Children Educational Foundation’s vision is to help vulnerable Rwandan children succeed by equipping them with knowledge and skills to sustain themselves and serve as role models for their communities.

In Rwanda students take Government Tests at the end of their 6th Grade and at the end of their 9th Grade.

RCEF is very proud of the test scores our students earned. Scores ranged from B+ to A+.

We invited each boy and girl with high marks to share a meal together and presented these students with the gift of a watch. During this celebration time, students wrote thank you letters to their sponsors.

Congratulations to Alphonse “B+”, Jean de Dieu “B+”, Jean Claude “A+”, Judith “B+”, Christa “B+”, Gracia “A+”, Emmanuel “A+”, Evode “B+”, Patience “B+” and Yvan “B+”

We congratulate our young men and women on this outstanding accomplishment!


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