RCEF Christmas Party – 2017

On December 20, 2017, the Rwanda Children Educational Foundation volunteers transported all our students to a rented Church Facility for the day to enjoy our annual Christmas Party.

The children from grades one through twelve were looking forward to this day to celebrate Christmas together.

They received gifts, candy, and a banquet table full of food including meat. For some of our students, this is the only time they will have meat during the entire year.

News reporters came by and interviewed our students. Yes, our little ones will be on TV!

Although the day was rainy, our students were happy and spirits were high. There is just no way to put into words the joy our young people experienced during this party. Thank you for your financial participation in bringing happiness to these children.

Today, Thursday, December 21, our staff is delivering supplemental food to our students’ parents. Now there will be food in their homes for Christmas.

The 2018 School Year will begin in late January.  We look forward to another year to help form good, educated citizens for Rwanda.  RCEF and you are building bright futures, one student at a time!

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