RCEF Speaks to Alton Rotary

RCEF had the privilege of speaking to the Alton Rotary on October 12th to explain our mission and how we serve the poor children of Rwanda.

RCEF strives to equip these children of Rwanda with knowledge and skills by:

Providing financial support for school fees and scholastic materials
Providing coaches and mentors for youth
Providing supplemental food to our children’s families
Providing government health insurance

and in the future provide micro loans to the children’s families

RCEF wants to thank the Alton Rotary for their warm welcome, delicious breakfast and their willingness to assist us in our endeavor to give hope to these children.

The above pictures is of Eric Garfurafura, RCEF Committee,  Rich Leonard, Alton Rotary President, and Jeanine Mukarubega, RCEF Executive Director.

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