Christmas Party – Day Two

Day two of our Christmas Party was the Launching Ceremony of RCEF.  The Rwanda Government has fully recognized RCEF, and we now have all the legal paperwork.

Time to celebrate!

We put on a banquet inviting Government Officials, a Rwandan Lieutenant, a City Vice Mayor, a Bishop of the Church, and special dancers.  Our students returned on Day Two to enjoy the celebration.  RCEF students sang and danced for everyone to enjoy.

Speakers included the Vice Mayor, Lt. Gerard Nyerimaze of the Rwandan Army, Mr. Rick Duba, Laconia Christian Academy, and Bishop Aloys Ndindabahizi. One of our high school students, Jean de Dieu, spoke a word of appreciation to the audience.

Barb Blinn, RCEF Volunteer from the USA, joined Jeanine Mukarubega, Executive Director, in hosting the RCEF Christmas Party.  (See picture of Barb in Rwandan formal dress with one of our students, Jean Claude.)

In the picture above, you will see RCEF students waiting patiently at the red tables as the different speeches were made. They performed for the audience then enjoyed a feast.

The RCEF team served a large decorative cake to mark this launching of RCEF.



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