Packing for the Christmas Party in Rwanda

Jeanine Mukarubega, RCEF Executive Director, is busy packing her suitcases full of presents for our students in Rwanda.

Thanks to many friends of RCEF, we have abundant gifts:  lollypops, M&M’s, many tee shirts, shorts, pants, toothbrushes, toothpaste, balls to blow up, frisbees and more.  Sponsors are sending gifts to their children.  All these items have been donated, and we are very grateful to all of you.

RCEF is planning a two-day Christmas Party this year.  The first day will be similar to a summer camp,  full of games and having fun. A Rwandan gentlemen, who is a musician, is coming to play his instruments and lead the children in singing.

The second day will be the traditional Christmas Party with a banquet and presents.

The children will be staying overnight, and we will feed them for both days.

RCEF will report back to you about this exciting party with pictures and stories.

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