RCEF Presents at the Northfield-Tilton Rotary Meeting

Barbara Blinn, President of the Northfield-Tilton Rotary Club, presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Jeanine Mukarubega, Executive Director of Rwanda Children Educational Foundation.

RCEF spoke to the Northfield-Tilton Rotary Club on Thursday, October 13, at the Onions Restaurant in Tilton.

Jeanine Mukarubega spoke about her experience as a poor child in Rwanda.  When her mother could not pay the school fees, she was removed from school.  Other children looked down on her.  She remembered how badly she felt.  Jeanine is now a citizen of the USA and uses this childhood experience to motivate herself to help the poor children in Rwanda to break the cyle of poverty.

Karen Fogg, RCEF Board Member, presided over a slide show about RCEF in Rwanda.  Karen shared on the 2015 Christmas Party and showed pictures of our new office in Kigali. She explained how RCEF enables children to receive an education by paying school fees, suppling children’s families with supplemental food, and mentoring our students.

Thank you Northfield-Tilton Rotary for inviting RCEF to share with you!

We enjoyed the fellowship and the food!




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