It’s Time to Write to Your Student

The RCEF students came together a few weeks ago to write to you, their sponsors.  We are in the process of sending out those letters along with an update.

The featured picture is of all our students with Pastor Fidele just outside the RCEF Office.

Now it is your turn to communicate with your student.

One sponsor asked if RCEF could provide a few words in Kinyarwanda.  So here are a few words and translations.  This will be fun!

Hello:  Uraho
Hope you are well:  Ndizera ko umeze neza

Thank you:  Urakoze
Study hard:  Ukomeze kwiga cyane
Good job:  Wakoze neza
Please write me again:  Ndagusabye uzongere unyandikire

Now you write to your students and mail or email it to the RCEF Office.  We will translate your letter and email it to RCEF, Kigali.


Mail: RCEF, 1386 Meredith Center Road, Laconia, NH  03246

The pictures below were taken when students came together to write to their sponsors.DSC_0582




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