RCEF Children Write to Sponsors

7 children come
Children meet at RCEF Office.

The RCEF children gathered together at the new office for the purpose of writing to their sponsors. The children expressed their appreciation to the sponsors for paying their school fee and for providing supplemental food. They also told their sponsors a little about themselves.

The students are promising to work hard in their studies in order to get good marks this coming semester.

The school year in Rwanda started February 2nd. The start of a new school year is an exciting time.

The children had lots of fun gathering together to write their letters and to have fellowship with each other.

Thank you Pastor Fidele and all the translators for your tremendous help!

translators help
Translators helping children.


Rafiki & Pastor Fidele
Rafiki with Pastor Fidele


waving hello
Children give their sponsors a thank you wave.
Gracia, Jovanisse, Adeline, Christa
Gracia, Jovanisse, Adeline, Christa

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