RCEF Christmas Party

Just prior to Christmas the RCEF students gathered at our Office in Kigali to celebrate this special Holiday.

RCEF put up a tent, brought in a keyboard, hired a cook to prepare a buffet and passed out gifts. A good time was had by all!

Our buffet had plenty of food including meat. This meal was special to the children.

One of our students, Jean de Dieu, plays the piano, so he used the keyboard to add music to our party. Jean has the talent to listen to a song, then play it.

In one of the pictures below the childen show off the candy they received at the party. This was a special treat.

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in Rwanda, even more celebrated than birthdays.

We also celebrated the conclusion of the school year which ended in November.

The new school year starts on February 2nd. Usually school starts in January, but Rwanda is having an election to ratify a new constitution in January therefore the opening of school has been postponed.

We will keep you updated about the coming new-school year!



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