Laconia Christian Academy Sponsors Two Students

RCEF wants to thank Laconia Christian Academy students for once again sponsoring two Rwandan students.

During Chapel on October 30th the students were challenged to sacrifice getting something “extra” in their lives and giving that money to the cause. An example of this would be to not go to the movies, and then take that money and give it to sponsor a deserving student in Rwanda.

The LCA students responded to the challenge and raised $654 in three weeks!

Last year LCA Upper School supported two students. Gilbert, age 12, (shown below) benefited from the gift. The other student, Perpetue, graduated from High School in November.

This year the second student is Kelia, age 8, (picture shown below).

The $654 raised will pay for Gilbert and Kelia’s school fee, uniform, health insurance for their entire family along with supplemental food.

It is so good to give and bless others.


Kelia, age 8
Gilbert, age 12



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