Rwandan Elementary Students at School


The picture shown above is of students at the PEFA Nursery and Primary School. PEFA serves students from nursery to grade 6. When students finish the 6th grade, they take an achievement test. Upon passing this test, they may attend high school which is usually a boarding school.

The Rwandan Government provides free education, but each school charges fees. Students must pay school fees in order to attend. That is where Rwanda Children Educational Foundation assists. We help the poorest of poor students. Parents have difficulty finding money to feed their family, so paying school fees is nearly impossible.

Below is Shadrak Mpanoyimana. He is age 7 and in Grade 2 at PEFA. He needs a sponsor for the 2016 school year which starts in January. The cost to sponsor Shadrak is $280. This amount covers school fees, uniforms, supplemental food to Shadrak’s family and government health insurance for his entire family.

RCEF’s vision is to give students a hope and a bright future.


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