Meet this special young man, Lewis.



Meet Lewis Rugamba, age 13. Lewis attends Hillside College and is in the 8th grade. Hillside is a private boarding school for grades 7 – 12.
Lewis lives with his mother and grandmother. His mother is unemployed, making it hard to provide most necessities.
In July of 2015 Lewis was admitted to the hospital with a blood infection. We soon learned Lewis lacked sufficient food. At this point RCEF realized that we could not just educate our students, we must also feed them. RCEF started to supplement the boarding school students with a breakfast of milk and a Rwandan donut ($14 per month).
We are also supplementing the elementary student’s families with a monthly food donation.
Thank you to the Barnard family (NH) and their extended family in NY, the McNitts, for supporting Lewis for the next school year ($975). Thanks to the generosity of these folks, Lewis will receive his education, supplemental food, hygiene materials and health insurance.

Lewis and his mother.
Lewis and his mother.

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